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OdgovorNapisal/-a zoranwagen » Pe Maj 06, 2005 11:50 am

Tole je trenutno edina resna nevarnost v Avstriji Heinz-u in njegovemu Jeep-u.

Prejšnji vikend je po "polepljeni stezi" kljub vsem problemom (avto ni šel tak kot bi moral) vozil 10,3s pri končni 205Km/h

Tukaj prevod v Angleščino vseh njegovih problemov:

On weekend in Luckau I despite geklebter(?)Strecke none highly got!

The adhesive was probably mark Schwartau specially or so. I finally times young from the became acquainted with, that is genuinly a sympatischer, merry heap and Kalunki's the preference for air-cooled Volkswagens is naturally extremely sympatisch me.

The acquaintance with Klaus Grabow made me happy also much, is it a genuine enriching for our sport. On Friday afternoon I arrived as pauter tom at Luckau, on Sunday afternoon have I the place again abandoned as: MASTER OF DISASTER began the thing when unloading, whereby the remote cylinder admission at the trailer is broken. Far ging's with the Kerzenwechsel:1 threads ruined, head down and with zugeflexter candle repairs from the inside, since no gewindeschneider was to be found. Engine started, tappet tubing seal presses, oil drilling rig easily.
Again sealed and engine started. Floats abgesoffen! Developed, empties and soldered. At 13 o'clock 30 to 1. time off in the before-takeoff. Burnout, push rod geschmissen, new bar inserted and again to the before-takeoff: finally: 10,3@205Km/h engine too lean, therefore nozzle changes for laughing gas lachgas-Sprit: Foggerduese broken, suction tube down new Foggerduese purely and larger Spritduesen: still too lean and times only at 10,6.
Sunday morning: Gasoline pressure control valve up (naturally too highly)
1. Run: Laughing gas pressed, engine superfatted and kotzt starting from pressure reduces,
2. Run: Achievement suspends times and times! Lip finally so fully that departure has instructed the only gleglaubte source of uncertainty (the towing vehicle with 284000Km) until perfectly held lives still such one weekend and Kesha can make an exploded view of my nose and the whole stuff!
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